Сетевое оборудование

  • HUAWEI TE20, Videoconferencing Endpoint-WIFI (All-in-One HD Codec, with HD camera and microphone, including cable assembly, and remote control)143011003/87 / TE20-12X-W-00 / Huawei5 881 USDПодробнее
  • Huawei TE10 all in one Video conferencing Terminal143011003/88 / TE10-720P30-E0 / Huawei1 327 USDПодробнее
  • D-Link DPH-400EDM/E/F3, IP Extension Module Support005009/83 / DPH-400EDM/E/F3 / D-Link63 USDПодробнее
  • Huawei The Ability of Cancel Streaming Encryption, default not Cancel( 0: Not Cancel 1:Cancel), DP300/TEX0/TX50143005008/25 / VC9SSIPTSL01 / Huawei0 USDПодробнее
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